Tax Matters

Tax representation before the Internal Revenue Service

Few things can create more anxiety than getting a letter from the IRS suggesting you owe them an amount that includes taxes, penalties and interest. I began representing clients with tax issues in the 1990s when I worked for a CPA/Law firm. I’ve learned that the IRS is often wrong in their assessments and that you as a taxpayer have rights that the IRS won’t necessarily inform you about.

If you’ve received a letter from the IRS don’t panic. And please don’t contact them or provide them with any information until you’ve discussed what they want with a professional who is looking out for your interests. The IRS is not looking out for your interests. They are looking out for their interests. Consequently, before you respond to an IRS letter you should better understand your rights.

If you’ve received an IRS letter do not delay in contacting a professional about your tax issues. Delaying your response or ignoring the IRS will not help and may add more penalties and interest to the amount the IRS claims you owe. Call me today for a free 15 minute consultation. My number is 804-475-8869. My email is