Servant versus Seagull Management and Leadership

The beginning of a new year is a great time to review your leadership structure and philosophy. Last year leadership guru Ken Blanchard spoke to a packed house at the Jefferson Hotel. I was fortunate enough to attend. During his remarks Blanchard contrasted seagull leadership to servant leadership. Ken noted that seagull managers crap on people, lead from the hip and are more focused mostly on themselves.

Servant leaders on the other hand lead from the heart. Blanchard noted that servant leadership has two parts: 1) Vision and direction and 2) Implementation.

The first part, vision asks where are we going and what are we doing. Blanchard noted that Southwest Airlines, one of the most profitable airlines, had a culture that valued getting things done, while having a servant’s heart and a fun loving attitude. The second part of being a servant leader focuses on implementation.

What type of leader do you think you are, seagull or servant? More importantly what type of leader would you employees and colleagues say you are? Go ahead ask them. The results may surprise you.

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