Stupid Technology Mistakes

In a recent Lawyer’s Weekly edition the editors published eight technology mistakes as reported by Sharon D. Nelson and John W. Simek with Sensei Enterprises, Inc. Here they are in bullet form:

1. Not using a screensaver;

2. Never turning off your computer; Nelson and Simek noted that turning off your computer once a day clears processes that didn’t terminate and applications that got tangled;

3. Always using eight character passwords. Nelson and Simek noted that anyone with any IT sophistication could crack an eight character password. However cracking a 12 character password would take 17 years;

4. Storing passwords on monitors, under keyboards or anywhere else that can be located. Passwords even 12 character ones should be easy to remember;

5. Installing illegal software in violation of copyright laws;

6. Not backing up your data and if you do back-up your data not doing a test restore;

7. Not having a PIN for your smart phone;

8. Depending too much on Outlook’s auto complete function.

For more information about these technology tips see www. or contact Sensei Enterprises, Inc., in Fairfax, Virginia.

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